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    Fan Installation Tips

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          Fan also called exhaust fan, home decoration installation on walls and doors and windows for discharging indoor or outdoor air is sucked in and so as to keep the indoor air fresh the air conditioning appliance. It wo exhaust fan with low investment cost, large volume, low noise, low energy consumption, smooth operation, long service life, high efficiency is a lot of families and public places will be installed electrical, although we know fan, but not many people know fan to how you install. Today Xiaobian for everyone to talk about fan installation considerations.


    [Pick] fan


         Selection of fan can be below the standard as a test standard: 1, wo fan novel appearance, room color and color harmony, plane without warping representation, flat plastic lubrication, electroplating pieces of light, no traces of rust, fan blades to the normal rotation. 2, after electrify the fan blades rotate smoothly, no abnormal noise, large air volume. Two-way ventilator free conversion. Motor temperature is not high, the noise is small. With the speed of the fan speed control function, capacitor motor is not greater than 65%, the cover plate is not greater than 80%.


    [fan installation]



         Before installation: 1, fan before installation should carefully check the machine is not intact, the fastening bolt is not loose or fall off, impeller has no bump, carefully check the blades or shutter in the transportation process with and without damage and deformation. 2, pick out the outlet environment, should pay attention to the opposite side of the air outlet can not have too big obstacle in the 2.5 - 3M.

         Installation: 1, the installation of stationary: fan installation should pay attention to wind machine level range, adjust the fan foundation level, fan installed cannot have a skewed representation; 2, install the fan should be the motor adjusting screw in a range of convenient operation, so that by adjusting the fan belt tightness; 3, install the fan support, must let the consistent support and ground level and necessary beside the fan device angle of reinforcement; 4, fan after the installation, the surrounding sealing to view. If there is an open space, can be used as a sun plate glass seal.

         At the end of 1, after the completion of installation, check whether the internal fan left things and debris. By hand or a toggle lever fan blade, check to see if there are tight or rubbing representation, there is no hinder change items no abnormal appearance, can test the work. 2, work as presented in vibration or fan motor "buzzing" abnormal noise or other abnormal appearance should stop check, need to be revised after the boot using.


    [Fan Installation Tips]


    1, ventilating fan installation must be reliable and firm, and the fan away from the ground more than 2.3m;

    2, fan exhaust fan exhaust fan and the distance between the roof to reach more than 5CM;

    3, remember the ceiling fan not installed in the smoke, dusty place, leaving the heat source;

    4, with wall fan the fan can be in various places for ventilation, can also be used for oil pumping;

    5, to remind you when using the power socket, power line plug with ventilator should comply with safety standards; green power line

    6, exhaust fan fan fan in the double color line must be connected with the power supply fan fan fan;

    7, try to exhaust all pole switch connection;