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Electric fans do not cause and electric fan maintenance

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Reasons for the non rotation of the electric fan:

        1, in the use of the long electric fan does not turn, we first need to see motor lubricating oil and no, if motor lubrication is not usually hum came out, more serious is the fan does not turn. Under the situation of power you hand to pull the fan, the fan will a bit stiff maintenance method: in this case we to the motor, add a little oil on the line (if really can't find the lubricating oil, the home use vegetable oil can be).

        2, most people may encounter this phenomenon, the electric fan does not turn, you use the hand to pull the move or to wait for a long time will slowly turn up, and then use a period of time after the discovery of the hand to pull it will not move. The most likely cause of this phenomenon is that the starting capacitor within the fan becomes small, not enough to make the motor rotate. Maintenance method: replace the fan inside the capacitor, we remove the fan after the motor can be seen in the case of the shell. We can replace the same size of the capacitor, the capacitor can also be a little larger than the original (not more than 20% of the original capacitance).

        3, the fan is used for a long time, loss of motor fan, motor shaft wear, easy to burn. Maintenance methods: the wear caused by wind leaf does not rotate, the simplest is to replace the shaft sleeve

        4, the rotating shaft of the motor axial clearance is too high will cause cannot drag the load. Maintenance method: if the motor is removed, the shaft of the shaft is too large to be adjusted by adjusting the gasket. When installing the motor, the rotor must be concentric with the bearing it, screw to diagonal slowly tightening, and then with a screwdriver to wood to knock the rotating shaft, the concentric. Remove the motor is simple, but it is not to re install the back is not casual and then put back, do not have the above situation, otherwise, directly repair the bad.

Maintenance of electric fan:

        1, electric fan's wind vane is an important part, regardless of the installation, removal, scrub or use, must strengthen the protection, in order to prevent deformation.

        2, electric fans with a long time, the fan blade is very easy to stick a lot of dust. This is the electric fan in the work, because the fan leaf and the air friction and make the fan leaf with an electrostatic, charged objects can attract light small objects of nature, and thus can absorb the fine dust caused by indoor floating. Electric fan oil or dust, should be promptly removed. Can not wipe with gasoline or alkali liquid, so as not to damage the paint on the surface parts of the function.

        3, used for electric fan front should complete removal of surface oil, ash, and dry soft cloth to wipe, and then wrapped in kraft paper or clean cloth good. Storage locations should be dry and ventilated to avoid extrusion.

        4, an electric fan in the use process, such as hot and abnormal smell, shaking his head is ineffective, slow speed and fault, do not continue to use, should be promptly cut off the power supply maintenance.