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The impact of national economic growth on the wind turbine industry will gradually become more promi

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Core tip: in recent years, China's fan industry has gradually become the total domestic market scale growth rapidly many powerful foreign companies began to pay attention to Chinese market to compete for the domestic market as the core industry war also opened the curtain


In recent years, China's fan industry has gradually become the size of the domestic market, the rapid growth of many of the strength of foreign manufacturers began to pay attention to the Chinese market in order to compete for the domestic market as the core of the industry war also kicked off. We are worth a wake-up call for the five point crisis facing the international competition.


Economic environment changes in enterprise cost pressures increase this year the country's economic growth rate down to the impact of the wind turbine industry will gradually show the cost pressures of business operators will be increased. The increase of the wages of workers, the exchange rate of the renminbi, the domestic inflation, the tightening of the monetary policy, and the tightening of the monetary policy have increased the seriousness of this problem.


The industry structure of the low end product overcapacity homogenization serious imbalance. China's fan products, although covering more than 200 series, more than 2000 varieties of products, but the product variety and not precise overlap layout, duplication of investment phenomenon is widespread. Raw materials, technology, capital, marketing and other aspects of the mutual extrusion and aggravating the product homogenization trends; product features is not obvious and not to highlight the competitive advantage of the wind machine enterprises to self extension development pattern of intensifying the development trend of the polarized China's fan industry.


Basic technology research is not in common technology to shorten the gap with the wind turbine manufacturing power gap between major technology and key parts of the research and development of a breakthrough. But the industry is facing a shortage of generic technology research and development of generic technology in many laurels. Lack of research on common, key, core technology innovation system and organization is an important reason.


The developed countries have already developed the common technology research and development in the prominent position of the industry development, but our country has always lagged behind the general technology development. In the future, we should set up the whole industry advantage resources optimization allocation in the relevant departments of the state to accelerate the development of common technology and innovation system construction to achieve real breakthroughs in key technologies in the industry.


Product manufacturing methods to upgrade the current China's largest wind turbine is the largest short board is the poor reliability. Poor product reliability is first brought all consequences of users are not satisfied with the second is the low profitability of enterprises. After sales service cost to become a huge expense for the fans of the company to make the service costs remain high. The problem of poor reliability of the domestic air blower is not properly solved. The Chinese fan products are equal to the lower end of the cheap products.


Optimize and improve the reliability of the products involved in all aspects of improving the capacity of the equipment manufacturing capacity to bear the brunt. To do good work must first sharpen his tools. It can be said who has a good manufacturing ability who will win the market opportunities. To enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in technology development. Scientific and technological innovation as the core value of an enterprise is based on the market value of the enterprise development level and market competitiveness is directly reflected in the positive technological innovation to continuously improve product quality and speed up the upgrading of products. In addition unified and perfect the market supervision mechanism as China's fan industry and orderly development of the important foundation is also during this period, China's fan industry first to be solve the problem.