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Fan in the cleaning industry wide application and rapid development

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The development of wind turbine industry market in Taiwan, the wind turbine, high pressure blower, high pressure blower in recent years, with the development of Taiwan all wind turbine production base from Dongguan to the mainland, the manufacturing cost is greatly reduced, the brand is more and more high, the application will be more extensive.


Our country is equipped with the high pressure, and in our country, it also has the better development. It has brought a good promoting effect to our country.


From the view of China's washing and high pressure blower equipment, our country in response to many industries have a greater role in the expansion, at the same time, China's construction, food and other information will be carried out from time to time, we have a large number of cleaning equipment.


Mainly due to the promotion of environmental protection in our country, the enterprise is clean, and gradually let the high pressure blower equipment for cleaning, but also applied to the life of our country, so the cleaning equipment will be more powerful.


At present, from the market momentum of China's washing machine equipment market momentum, we are constantly improving, the domestic demand is also from time to time by leaps and bounds, our country has a more powerful process, the application driven domestic stop related to improve, for our country in the development of high pressure blower equipment with higher consumption quantity and quality, but also get more space.


Because the cleaning, high pressure blower equipment is to the appearance of the products for cleaning, dry processing of special high-pressure blower equipment, the large wind turbine principle, in the high pressure blower equipment have certain challenges, high pressure blower and China's energy consumption, efficient application development has laid a solid foundation, both high-pressure blower equipped with or cleaning equipment, our industry is to carry out long-term plans, in order to meet the market demand.


RhG high-pressure blower is the wind on the second generation of products, the wind blades, a wind cover are used in the world the most hard material made of ADC12, equivalent to the Mercedes Benz wheel rims of the same material; the bearing pre design principle, the rear end of the two bearings arranged on a fan blade tip and motor to the best dynamic equilibrium configuration, and beneficial to the heat dissipation; the special Shockproof foot seat design, thereby greatly reducing vibration generated in the operation of the wind turbine. Economic energy saving. Under the same power, the same pressure, the same flow, the European crown high pressure air blower current less than other similar products.


1, easy to install: can be installed at any time for the use of compressed air or for the time. And can be installed horizontally or vertically.

2, the structure is firm: body is made of ADC12 Aluminum alloy casting, a don't in general iron or AC10 aluminum alloy of the blower, ADC12 material and Mercedes Benz car wheels with a material drum and more durable.

3, the reliability is high: in addition to the impeller, the whole wind turbine without other parts, and the impeller directly connected to the motor, no gear or belt, so the reliability is high, almost no maintenance. No oil and gas, no pollution, the impeller rotation, do not contact with any contact, no lubrication, and therefore can be guaranteed one hundred percent no oil gas.

4, low vibration: the part of the operation of the parts have been very precise balance design, testing, calibration, so the vibration rate is very low.