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Frequency conversion era strong incoming fan to lead the new quiet sector

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An electric fan is familiar, has been the summer heat, the best partner lift hot. In recent years, due to the extreme weather, the summer has become unusually difficult, the air temperature in the summer of last year, a record high. In addition to hot weather, plus the price is not high, easy to use, the electric fan has been the darling of the summer market. With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, a long history of electric fans also radiate new vitality.


Today, in Shunde, Guangdong Province held a national fan industry the fourth wave summit to upgrade, electric appliance environment new released the latest product line - frequency conversion fan, launched a frequency conversion fan, fan tableland, turn page fan and a cooling fan four series of 9 models of new frequency, opened the era of frequency conversion fan industry.


Variable frequency fan: extraordinary "static", become an independent school


The fan and the launch of the frequency conversion fan series, the perfect display of the scientific research personnel development strength. Frequency Ladi Shan gold products FS40-13HR, pay more attention to the quiet and comfort improvement. It is equipped with a 24V ultra low-voltage variable-frequency motor, rotor type 9 blades for science and technology for life, reshape the quiet and comfortable perfect model.


FS40-13HR 26 file without pole speed control technology, truly achieve the desired cool experience and a full range of cool and enjoy. There is a unique W shook his head, to achieve a double three-dimensional air supply effect, sweeping the wind, the wind is efficient, use more comfortable.


Also frequency Ladi Shan delicate appearance of grasp, no matter is brushed metal panel, high-definition digital display, or a key knob design, have revealed variable frequency fan startling for the consumer to create a "high, big, the taste of life.


Frequency conversion platform fan: fine compact, platform


Frequency conversion platform fan series products, in the succession of the United States of the frequency conversion fan of the top performance of the foundation, has opened up ten of the patented wind vane, variable frequency platform fan FTS35-12HR is a variable frequency platform fan in the top.


Frequency conversion platform fan FTS35-12HR equipped with high-end intelligent temperature control system. According to the indoor temperature changes automatically adjust the wind speed, when the indoor temperature change 0.5 degrees, the wind speed changes from 1 to 2, without manual adjustment of the trouble, absolute intelligence.


Patented ten blade, greatly improving the wind. Its slim design, it is to reduce the noise of the wind leaves, so that the overall wind leaves more beautiful, the original wind blade twist angle structure, to achieve 15 meters over the long distance to send the wind, with 24V ultra low voltage frequency conversion motor, send wind more uniform and soft.


At the same time, the 24V ultra low voltage motor, the use of safety and energy saving, comprehensive jump frequency conversion fan performance, so that users use more safe and assured.


Frequency conversion fan: 360 degree pitch angle can be adjusted without dead angle


Frequency conversion to page fan appearance simple and easy, the use of convenient and practical, fully reflects the simple and not simple design concept. This new family frequency KYS30-13AR, has a circulation of 360 DEG air, 360 degrees pitch angle adjustable etc..


Adjustable the 360 degrees pitch angle Xpress adjustment, no adjustment mode, is like one of the notebook computer, the wind leaf can be free to stay at any angular position: can along the window in the direction of the wind blowing, to the indoor air of circulation and ventilation; by the middle of the room to send wind, even adjusting the air in the room; by a layer to the second floor air supply, strengthen the large space air convection, cool transparent.


Inverter cooling fan: Health wind, fresh choice


More close to the natural wind, the more good wind, natural wind is cool, clean and more healthy. Fan this year also launched the industry's first innovative frequency conversion cooling fan AD200-A, its new design and optimization of the turbine duct, with the Royal net health guards, blowing out fresh and pure natural wind".


"Natural wind" is derived from the frequency of the high frequency of cold fan design of the ultra wide turbo fan, so that the rapid increase in the amount of air up to 50%. The air duct is widened and the wind speed is increased, and the wind speed is increased by 15% and the wind speed is. At the same time, the use of pure natural Chinese herbal medicine plant antibacterial materials, the University's bactericidal antibacterial, the activation of the overall water quality, use more healthy and more comfortable.


2014 the latest release of environmental electronics products group, to reach the current level of high-end fans, a series of patented technology, intelligent design, fashion appearance, before the arrival of the hot summer, for the vast number of consumers with the perfect combination of science and technology and life.